“Yogoman Burning Band is one of the best and most consistent bands in Bellingham right now. Their music has an irresistible vibe that gets just about anyone in the audience on their feet dancing. It’s a bit of reggae, a bit of soul and a lot of attitude; a mix of catchy bass lines, vibrant brass and a groove held up by Yogoman himself..."
-Paul Israel, Bellingham Herald

"Like a junkyard fusion experiment combining the best aspects of the music of Seattle and New Orleans."
- Gabe Johnson, In The Pocket Artists

"Yogoman Jordan Rain is one of my all time great heroes. His music is rooted in deep and extensive personal relationship to pretty much all music of Jamaica. This is brilliantly melded with his sheer artistry as a drummer, singer, and songwriter to create a sound unlike anyone else's that is both highly danceable and a joy to listen to.” 
- Jan Peters , Jan Song Productions/Gallowglass Irish Band

"If your not having a good time to this music, you have to ask yourself, do I know how to have a good time?" -Sam Beam, Iron and Wine

"With an energy and style that reminded me of Gogol Bordello, this Bellingham, Washington band fuses funk, soul, reggae, dancehall, some jazz and blues and a touch of roots rock in a universal swirl of sound. If you had a pulse then your feet were moving, your butt was shaking and your hands were flailing in ecclesiastic spirals along with the mad uproar surrounding you. Their page contains an apt one-liner, reading: “Let’s get ridiculous.” As the horns bellowed, the drummer let loose manic howls, and the bassist laid down one funky line after another, I realized that this saying was spot on, and that I was watching one of the best live acts in the Pacific Northwest."
-Sam Sanborn, Oregon Music News

"My wife and I have been listening to you for many years and when ever we have a conflict, we just put Yogoman Burning Band music on the stereo and that always smooths everything out because we end up dancing, so thank you!" - Yakima, WA fan

"...It's ALWAYS a good idea to spin a Yogoman track. Positive lyrics, infectious melodies, stellar musicianship...just great, great songs. They've gone from being unknown to KHUM listeners to being possibly the most requested band during my shift."
-Larry Trask/DJ, FM

"It's either Yogoman or Prozac" - Keith Edgerton, Fan, Olympia, WA

“You'll want to sing, you'll want to dance, you'll leave the CD in the car stereo, remembering when listening to reggae felt novel and soul music tapped into something special.”
-Jennifer Savage, North Coast Journal

"One of the great dance bands you've never heard of...Yogoman is an absolute knockout. Imagine Yogi Bear and Yogi Berra on the dance floor. On fire."
-Bill Locey, Ventura County Reporter

“YBB has a sound that weaves together the sun-shiny rays of summertime outdoor party music with old school horn arrangements and band member shout outs.”
- Jean-Paul Theriot,

"Yogoman Burning Band’s blend of ska, and dance-punk music...kept the growing crowd hopping and bopping. Yogoman Burning Band, Led by Jordan Rain, AKA DJ Yogoman, on drums and vocals, YBB put together an up-beat set that included a sing-along about having love for the LGBT community, and a tune called “Dragon Bus.” YBB was at their best with up-tempo ska rhythms, finishing with a jumping song about the silver lining behind every dark cloud."
-Mike Acker, Oregon Music News

"Saw you (YBB) at Center Camp. I just thought you should know that you saved a man's life. I asked the man sitting next to me to dance and he told me that he had needed to dance all week but his uptight girlfriend wouldn't move her goddam feet. He is now whole again and so am I, so thank you, thank you, thank you."
- a letter from “Krumpet” @ Burning Man Festival

"I lost my slip during the conga line at one of their concerts" - Fan, Bellingham, WA

"Bellingham outfit Yogoman Burning Band is a band, yes, but more than that Yogoman Burning Band is a way of life.  Or, at least it’s a way of looking at life, the essence of which is along the lines of: Stop trying to be cool and just have fun. They are about as unpretentious as a band can be, and they definitely bring a party every time they play." - Pat Muir, Yakima Herald

"This band makes me tingle all over. The frontman’s the drummer and he can sing his ass off – and sell it by the pound." - DP Staxx (Davin Michael Stedman), JamBase/Staxx Brothers

"First and foremost, drummer and frontman Jordan Rain is a magnetic performer, one gifted with the ability to rally a crowd, not to mention use his voice in all sorts of unconventional ways. Throughout the set, he whooped and scatted, sang and growled, doot-dooted and chaka-chaka’d. Here and there made funny little rhythmic, nonsensical sounds that fit nicely into the reggae/dancehall style, but that you just don’t hear very often these days or this far north. It was great...Rain’s an interesting dude who fell for vintage Jamaican music several years ago, and his band does a fine job of approximating that sound and augmenting it with bits of pop, rock, soul, ska and more."  ~Ben Salmon, reporter for The Bulletin, Bend, OR